Welcome to Avail Learning Academy

Welcome to Avail Learning Academy - More than just tick box learning!

We’re delighted to welcome you to Avail Learning Academy. We’re the online learning platform for carers and educators with a bit of a difference. All our courses have been written and endorsed by experienced practitioners within their sector. They know what outstanding care and education looks like and they are determined to help you make everyday outstanding, whether you’re an early year’s practitioner, a healthcare assistant or a teacher.

What we’re doing

Avail’s learning platform doesn’t just tick boxes. That phrase, ‘learning that doesn’t just tick boxes’ informs everything we do. Our courses are interactive and engaging, not like school exams. Our courses go above and beyond the minimum requirements – they’ll help learners do outstanding work. And we craft courses that will stay with you for life and form part of your continuous professional development.

We offer a number of courses, covering childcare and early years, children’s residential care, clinical care, education and schools, health and social care and management. More are coming soon.

How we’re doing it

Our new learning platform uses the latest web technologies letting us do some pretty great things that transform the learning experience. For learners, you can work where you want, when you want, on a device you’re familiar with. You can pick up your course where you left off and access your certificate as soon as you finish, all for an affordable cost. For employers, you can access our easy to use learning management system which lets you see how your team is doing.

We only offer courses where we know our expertise is sector leading. We’ve recruited carers and educators with years of experience in their respective fields to write and stress-test our courses. These people know what it’s like to do the job themselves and have now turned their energies towards sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

Why we’re doing it

We focus on the care and education sectors because we believe passionately in the work these dedicated people do every day. They nurture us from cradle to grave and make a massive impact on our lives. Every member of our team has worked in care or education for some time, and we’re bringing years of experience to the table in the training sector. Each of us has decided that we can do more by using our skills to help train up and coming carers and educators and help lift up the sector as a whole.

And Avail isn’t stopping at training. We’re working on something we call the Training Passport, which will let you take your qualifications with you wherever you go. We think it’ll revolutionise the way people learn. Watch this space for more information soon.

We’re so happy to be able to finally show you what we’ve been working on. We hope you enjoy our courses as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Fay Gibbin, CEO

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