Overcoming resistance to e-learning

Overcoming resistance to e-learning

Take a moment to think of the ideal carer. They provide outstanding care, and they’re always developing their skills and willing to find new ways of doing things. When you provide training, they engage with it, find it easy and do it promptly.

If only every carer found it that easy! In many care settings, there is often a core group of people who are steadfast in their resistance to training and technology, despite what they stand to gain. The varied backgrounds of our care workforce means some will find it difficult to use technology, and some simply prefer not to learn new things.

Overcoming this resistance is the key to unlocking the benefits of e-learning for your care or nurse-ry setting and upskilling your workforce to provide outstanding care every day. So how do you overcome it?

Be understanding

We’ve all been there – you’re asked to use a new program or system, and within a few minutes you’re utterly lost. You have a busy life, and you don’t want to take the time to learn a new system. The varying needs of your carers will mean that some are digital natives, but others will need a helping hand.

Instead of one correct way, e-learning allows carers and practitioners to work in a way that suits them, on a device they’re familiar with. They might have a tablet at home that they’re more comfortable using, or they might not be able to find the time at work to sit down and focus on their training. Encourage your employees to dip their toes in whenever they feel like it to find what suits them. Show them how they can pick up where they left off and pause to ask for help if they need to, without it affecting their progress.

Make training personal, intuitive and fun

Many people think of training like their school exams: one size fits all, complicated, boring. Instead, pick a training solution that is personal, intuitive and fun. Like ours, courses should be written by and for care professionals. Like ours, they should be intuitive and easy to use. And like ours, they should be full of engaging and interactive content that keeps boredom at bay.

It’s not just a box ticking exercise

The best kind of training doesn’t just tick boxes, because doing the minimum doesn’t make you a great carer. It allows someone to develop their skills and provide outstanding care every day. Stress to your staff that training isn’t just for the sake of it, instead it helps them become better carers and builds a foundation from which they can achieve their personal career goals.

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