Outstanding every day: what you need to know

Outstanding every day and what you need to know!

We’ve written previously about our frustration with courses that just tick boxes, and you can read that here.  But there’s another phrase you’ll hear from us a lot – our aim to make every day ‘outstanding’. These aren’t just buzzwords – they drive everything we do at Avail.

There are two reasons behind our commitment to making every day ‘outstanding’. The first is of course that outstanding is the term used by Ofsted and the CQC to describe education and care that goes above and beyond what’s required and delivers outstanding results. That rating represents more than following the rules; it’s about forming a real connection with the people you’re working with. ‘Outstanding’ is worth striving for, and with the right help, it’s eminently achievable, which is why we’re not in the business of ‘good’ (enough). We want you to exceed the expectations of parents and families.

That’s why we set out from day one to deliver courses that achieve outstanding care. We worked backwards, asking ourselves how we could achieve this. We believe that great training, is the key to great care.

Outstanding training

We came up with a simple formula for courses that works. We think great courses need to be:

  • Written by experts – It’s no good reading the rulebook a few times and coming up with questions. We’ve brought together a team of sector leaders to write and endorse our courses. They know what it’s really like to do the job, and understand what you need to do to get that ‘outstanding’ rating. You can read all about their decades of experience on our About page.
  • Designed to be engaging – Even with the best will in the world, getting taught by an expert doesn’t guarantee success. That’s why we’re using the latest tech to invigorate our courses, and we have designed them with the learner in mind. Gone are the days of paper exams. With e-learning, you’ll be dragging, dropping and joining the dots. In other words, you’ll be having fun – and learning too.

That’s what sets Avail Learning Academy apart.

Still not convinced? Why not try out our completely free online course on continuous professional development.

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