This training program is aimed at anyone who works with others in any capacity. This course gives information relating to important aspects and points to consider around LGBT awareness.

People who identify as Lesbian, gay, bi or trans are at a higher risk of being bullied than their straight counterparts. This training program examines the issues that are faced by these people and how to support their individual needs. An inclusive environment that challenges phobic behaviour, educates and nurtures difference allows people to be their best selves.

The equality act 2010 safeguards people who are LGBT from discrimination. We have a legal obligation to ensure that their policies and practices do not discriminate against anyone with a protected characteristic. Staff need to know their personal responsibility to challenge discrimination. We will explore how to gain confidence in challenging phobic behaviour to nurture a safe environment for all.

This program will explain appropriate language that is best to use to avoid causing offence. By exploring how prejudice and discrimination manifest themselves, learners will be able to understand how their own prejudice may influence their practice. An introduction to legislation will explain the legal expectations of people in the workplace.