This course provides vital information for anyone starting out on their journey of Governorship, or people who have been a Governor or Trustee for a while and want to update their knowledge and understanding. It outlines the latest Government expectations of Governors/ Trustees and gives practical advice and examples of how you can fulfil your role most effectively.

The role of Governor is often underestimated. In fact, they play a vital role in raising expectations and standards for pupils across the country.  Not only must a Governing Body, or Board of Trustees, provide inspirational and visionary strategic leadership, they must also have an excellent understanding of pupils’ progress and achievement, maintain an iron-like grip on the school finances and ensure the school is compliant to wide ranging legislation, from safeguarding to performance management.

This course is built around the latest Government advice regarding Governance, dated March 2019. It also refers to the newest Ofsted framework (Autumn 2019) as well as outlining recently updated Government legislation on Sex Education (2020), Careers Advice (2018).

This course covers the three core functions of a Governing Body: the provision of Strategic Leadership; accountability for schools in terms of Educational Performance; and the management and improvement of Financial Responsibility. Additionally, it explains the varying roles and responsibilities of school Governors, the structure of the Governing body and associated committees. Furthermore, it explores and explains the ways in which a Governing Body must be compliant with a wide range of national policy, including curriculum expectations, health and safety regulations, data management and safeguarding.