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This course provides a very clear outline of Ofsted’s purposes and practices for any Governors or leaders who want to keep up to date with this important process in the life of a school. It explains the structure of different Ofsted inspections and when they would apply to schools in different circumstances. Additionally, it explains in detail the current Inspection Framework, dated 2019, so Governors and Leaders can have a clear understanding of what is now expected in terms of school performance.

In the academic year 2018-19, Ofsted conducted its biggest ever consultation with schools regarding its purpose and framework. As a result of this, it has radically reformed the focus of its inspections as well as how it describes its purpose. In a dramatic move away from judgement focused on final academic attainment, the new framework considers that schools have a wider educational duty of care to children and young people- to provide a broad curriculum to inspire and prepare their learners for whichever path they choose in life.

This course is built around the latest Government legislation in this area, most notably the new Education Inspection Framework (published May 2019) which covers section 5 of the Education Act (2005), section 109 of the Education and Skills Act 2008, the Education and Inspections Act 2006 and the Childcare Act 2006. It also includes information from the Government Guidance entitled Ofsted Inspections: Myths, published in July 2018 which examines what are the true expectations of Ofsted and what is likely to create unnecessary workload for your school staff.

This course explains in detail the four key judgements that Ofsted will make: Quality of Education, Behaviour And Attitudes, Personal Development and Leadership And Management. Additionally, it explains the roles and responsibilities of Ofsted inspectors, Schools Staff and Governors/ Trustees. In addition to the facts, this course aims to give ideas and information regarding how you can best support your school during an Ofsted inspection, what to expect when you meet the inspectors and what is required of Governors/ Trustees after an inspection.