This course is aimed at those who care for children or support others to understand the importance of open and transparent communication and confidential handling of information. Communication is a key part of working with children and should be embedded in all aspects of working life in schools. Good and effective communication also relates to handling information correctly and confidentially.

Confidentiality, along with sharing of information and completing reports in line with data protection, is a very important right of individuals who receive care and support. It is part of the relationship of trust that individuals have with those who care or support them and their families.

This course provides a thorough understanding of open and transparent communication and effective handling of information in line with legislations and regulations, including the curriculum and GDPR.

Effective communication and handling of information to manage records correctly in line with legal requirements and best practice is imperative. To ensure teachers and school practitioners are aware of the different types of communication and the difference between good and poor communication they must firstly understand the values they should uphold. This course includes a description of the different methods of communication available including technical aids.