How subscription pricing can be the solution to your training needs

Calculating what is right for your business
As an employer, buying courses on a one-off, ad hoc basis can sometimes be an inefficient way to support your team. With this in mind, we have created cost-effective subscription packages. Our pricing structure is scalable to support you whatever the size of your organisation. Whilst you may be hesitant to take the step from traditional training to e-learning, our subscription pricing could appeal to you, here are eight reasons why. Courses available on demand Whether you sign up for a monthly or annual agreement, your staff have access to courses whenever they need them, preventing any breaks in your employees’ learning. Our subscription packages mean there is no need to fork out for classroom-based courses from third party providers or waste your precious time organising in-house training. We regularly create new and interactive CPDs which users will have unlimited access to during the subscription period. Manageable costs with scalable pricing Subscription pricing is a cost-efficient way of ways for training and allows you to accurately budget for your training needs. Paying per user licence not per person keeps the costs low when repeating training as employees leave. You simply transfer the licence into a new name ensuring all your employees have access to ongoing quality training. Budgeting made easy Avail’s monthly or annual subscription costs are clear and concise so you can budget months or even a year in advance. If your team grows in the future, simply add to your plan – and the more you add, the cheaper your training is per person. You will always be getting best value for money with our simple pricing structure that makes it easy to compare prices from multiple providers. Extra savings for annual subscriptions Subscriptions are already a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional training methods however they provide additional discounts. Although our single course option offers great value for money, our annual subscription package guarantees your business generous savings. When you consider the cost reduction compared to traditional training methods, and the additional discount from committing to an annual membership, the savings soon stack up! Track your employees’ progress Our Learner Management System (LMS) is included in every subscription package, which means you can track what courses individual team members have completed. This information is especially useful as you can use it to ensure they are working as effectively as possible and recommend further courses for them to complete. This can also be used to analyse return on investment due to an individual’s commitment to learning. Meet your training responsibilities To support your care or early years setting to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating, your employees need access to quality training resources. Our e-learning subscription is the easiest way to provide engaging and relevant training without your HR and admin teams having to book individuals on external courses which may require travelling outside of work. New courses at no extra cost We are constantly reviewing our courses to ensure they are relevant within the sector. We also dedicate a lot of our time developing new courses to benefit learners. Better yet, this comes at no extra cost to our subscription customers as they have access to the entire database of training resources for the duration of their subscription. A personalised approach All subscription e-learning packages from Avail come with a dedicated account manager with knowledge of your sector. We also give you the option to customise content to your individual requirements and have in-house documents and resources added to courses, so your staff have all they need in one place. To find out more about the fantastic benefits of our e-learning packages get in touch through or website or visit our pricing page.
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