Working together to ensure highly trained nannies

The team at Avail Learning Academy are delighted to be working in partnership with SaffaNanny to offer high quality online training and access to a bank of impactful resources to support best practice. 

The partnership demonstrates SaffaNanny’s commitment to support the nannies within their network to deliver the very best care and provide the parents who use their services peace of mind that their child will be well cared for, safe and supported to achieve the very best outcomes. 


“I’m delighted to be working closely with SaffaNanny to offer discounted membership to all the nannies they work with. It is the perfect partnership as both companies strive to ensure that all children receive the very best care through professional and highly trained nannies”

Fay Gibbin, Founder Director at Avail Learning Academy 


“SaffaNanny is excited to partner with leading early years training academy Avail. We are a strong believer in child carers continually developing their skills – it empowers them to bring early years development into everyday play and is key for safeguarding. We also see nannies and child carers that invest in their career getting better job opportunities as families see the value of continual development. Avail is the perfect partner to help our nannies learn these skills in a fun, interactive environment with quality, expert-endorsed programmes.”

Paul Lamont, SaffaNanny


For more information on SaffaNanny please visit their website 


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