Don’t fall into the trap of tick box learning

Don't fall into the trap of tick box learning

At Avail, we don’t do learning that just ticks boxes. This simple statement informs everything we do.

It means our training doesn’t just provide the statutory minimum; it exceeds it. Our courses aren’t just multiple-choice questions; they’re full of interactive content. And it means our courses aren’t for cramming so you can forget the content later; they’re designed to be part of your employee’s continued personal devel-opment.

Exceeding the statutory minimum

Care homes and nurseries tell us that the main reasons they want to provide training to their team is because they want to deliver the very best care they can – but costs don’t always mean settings can’t afford training. https://avail-learning-academy.com/pricing/

Organisations have a variety of duties. Some of these, like safeguarding, are well-known, while others, like Prevent Duty, are a little less recognised. Regardless, you and your employees have to be aware of your responsibilities.

Our courses provide what you need to keep regulators happy, whether that’s Ofsted, Care Inspectorate or CQC and all fit within recommended or regulatory guidelines for your sector such as the EYFS. But that isn’t all you need to do to make you a great provider of care. That’s why we offer many courses that don’t necessarily tick a statutory box – but they’ll ensure your setting is known for excellence.

We can help you be a better all-round care provider whether you run a nursery, school or a care setting. We provide courses that cover keeping children safe online, around creating nutritious meals, delivering out-standing care and about respecting the privacy and dignity of older people.


We’ve learned that people retain more information when their courses are designed to be interesting and engaging. That’s why we use the latest in e-learning to create interactive content. You won’t just be pointing and clicking, you’ll be dragging, dropping, and joining the dots. This doesn’t just make the courses fun; they mean your team are more likely to retain what they’ve learned and use it in their day-to-day work. Researchers have found that visually stimulating information is significantly easier to remember significantly easier to remember than static con-tent and should encourage your team to break habits and use what they’ve learned.

Training should be for life

Continual personal development is important in every career and the care sector is certainly no exception. If you invest in your staff, they’re more likely to stay with you – LinkedIn found that 94% of staff would stay at a company for longer if their employer invests in their training. Providing training for your staff is a win for everyone. Staff feel positive about their career, will stay with you for longer, will use their training to make you a better care provider and most importantly, have a big impact on the people your care matters to most.

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