What is a DigiCare ID?

Whether you work in education, childcare, health and social or clinical care, the DigiCare ID is the perfect place to collate and access your qualifications and certifications.

Simple and easy to use, it takes away the hassle of carrying around a weight of certificates to prove your credentials and allows your employer instant access as and when required.

Avail Training Passport Card

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Manage your qualifications

  • All your qualifications in one place

  • Access anywhere, anytime

  • Prove your credentials to Ofsted, Care Inspectorate or CQC

  • Automatic reminders when it’s time to refresh a course

  • Moving to a new setting? Take your qualifications with you

  • No more retaking the same training again and again as you move between employers

How it works?

The DigiCare ID is simple and easy to use, whether you’re a business, employer or practitioner.  Vital data, including qualifications and certifications are safely stored on the cloud.  Once we have verified your qualifications, we will ask you for a suitable photograph so we can send you your very own ID card.  Your card can be scanned to instantly show your accreditations and skillset.

Step 1
Sign up to the DigfiCare ID by uploading your qualifications and details
Step 2
Your qualifications and work details will be added to the database
Step 3
Send us a suitable photo and we will send you your ID card
Step 4
Download the app and you have your qualifications with you, wherever you go
Sign up for your DigiCare ID card today!

The simple system that will change how you store your qualifications

  • Photographic ID

  • Safe and secure

  • Fast and easy portal access with NFC & QR Code Enabled Smart Card

  • Intelligent traffic light system

  • No need to carry round your certificates

  • At your fingertips with our smartphone app