What is the EYFS, and why is it important?


The further you progress in your career, the more likely the conversations you have will look like acronym soup to outsiders. The EYFS, or Early Years Foundation Stage, is just one of the many acronyms that are used in the early years sector. Most early years professionals will understand it and it’s requirements intimately, but Avail [...]

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Communication’s the key: how to boost your ratings


Ensuring your care setting and entire team communicate effectively, thoroughly and in the proper way as defined by the law is essential. Even with the best of intentions, miscommunication can lead to mistakes being made, and can be a barrier to the ‘Outstanding’ rating you deserve. That’s why so much of the law surrounding care is [...]

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Person-centred care


As a carer, ‘person-centred care’, is a phrase you’ll hear a lot. It sounds obvious enough, - of course you want to focus your care around your client. In fact, ‘person-centred care’ is a phrase that is used in legislation, and there are some very strict guidelines about what can be considered ‘person-centred care’. It’s about [...]

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Fire Safety in the workplace


Fire safety awareness is not just knowing where to find the nearest fire exit. It’s about being informed and prepared so you know what to do in the event of an emergency. Employers have a duty to ensure the workplace is a safe environment for all staff and visitors. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 [...]

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In the news: fresh faces at DfE and Health and Social care


There are few sectors that are as heavily scrutinised, or as heavily regulated, as care and education. Elections can be won or lost on health and schools’ policy, so ministers and governments have to be seen to be ‘doing something’, in these areas. Education policy is one major example. In 2003, less than 1% of secondary [...]

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Keeping up with care and education – why CPD is a must for carers and educators


Every profession is changing, and the care and education sectors are at the forefront of these shifts. All sectors are under intense and increasing scrutiny, with headwinds coming from government, the public and technological change, such as automation. Care and education settings must take into account an increasing number of guidelines and changing best practice, while [...]

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The benefits of mobile learning


Whether you want to move into a role with more responsibility in your care setting, school or nursery, improve your all-round care, or learn in a more flexible way, mobile learning can help you. What is mobile learning? Mobile learning is really all about you. The cloud lets you open a document on your laptop and [...]

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Cut costs and retain staff with online learning


Childcare, adult social care and education are all facing a balancing act of financial challenges. With rises in the minimum and living wage, and cuts to government funding, settings are being squeezed from every side. It means providers like yourself are faced with difficult decisions on what costs to cut, while juggling the responsibility of not [...]

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