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  • What is the EYFS, and why is it important?

    What is the EYFS, and why is it important?

    The further you progress in your career, the more likely the conversations you have will look like acronym soup to outsiders. The EYFS, or Early Years Foundation Stage, is just one of the many acronyms that are used in the early years sector. Most early years professionals will understand it and it’s requirements intimately, but Avail believes learning has to be available to people of every skill and experience level – which is why we [...]

  • Communication’s the key: how to boost your ratings

    Communication’s the key: how to boost your ratings

    Ensuring your care setting and entire team communicate effectively, thoroughly and in the proper way as defined by the law is essential. Even with the best of intentions, miscommunication can lead to mistakes being made, and can be a barrier to the ‘Outstanding’ rating you deserve. That’s why so much of the law surrounding care is concerned with proper communication. For example, having a leadership team that communicates well is part of being a ‘well-led’ [...]

  • Ofsted inspection shakeup: what you need to know

    Ofsted inspection shakeup: what you need to know

    Ofsted ratings matter – a lot. Most parents can smell an ‘Inadequate’ rating a mile off, and while they might not take the drastic measure of taking their child out of your nursery, new parents will be put off. Year-on-year this can reduce occupancy at your nursery, cutting your budget and making difficult decisions more likely. That’s why it’s so important you look after your rating by keeping up to speed with how Ofsted works. [...]

  • Person Centred Care - Different Approaches

    Person-centred care

    As a carer, ‘person-centred care’, is a phrase you’ll hear a lot. It sounds obvious enough, - of course you want to focus your care around your client. In fact, ‘person-centred care’ is a phrase that is used in legislation, and there are some very strict guidelines about what can be considered ‘person-centred care’. It’s about making the service user an equal participant, involving them in decisions, and making sure their voice is heard. This [...]

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