We’ll Help You Deliver Outstanding Care to Your Children, Clients, and Patients

One of the biggest barriers to providing attentive, high-quality care to those within your care can be a lack of effective training. With the Avail Learning Academy, we’ll help you train your staff affordably and flexibly through expert-endorsed e-learning programmes, so that they can confidently deliver an outstanding level of care.


Working in the care sector is a rewarding job, but it is certainly not an easy one. And while those you care for may be at the heart of what you do, the foundation of your care service begins with your staff and the training they receive.

Typically, staff training can end up being quite disruptive to your operations, or can come with a high price in consulting fees.

We didn’t think either of those were necessary to train staff, so we wanted to create an e-learning platform that allows Managers to train their staff both affordably and flexibly

With our accessible e-learning platform – the Avail Learning Academy – we’ll help you:


The difference between a poor rating from your regulator and an outstanding one is often determined by your training and development practices. On an even deeper level, your training practices determine the quality of care  you can provide to your children and clients, and the motivation your team can feel to provide outstanding service.

With a range of courses covering topics like allergies, information handling, fire safety, (and a lot more!), we want to give you the peace of mind that your staff is fully capable of delivering a high-level of care to your children, clients, and those within your care. 

How Can We Help You Best?

While the general principles of high-quality care apply in both Adult social care and Early Years care, there are certain differences in training that occur at both levels. To help us direct you to the courses which will be most valuable to you, please select your preference below:

“We were looking for an online training provider that we could partner up with that offered more than just courses. Avail Learning Academy is just that with their easy to use LMS with useful reporting so we can see instantly who is trained and demonstrate full compliance to the CQC”

– Alan Cornfield, Complex Needs Care

“I have completed a number of the courses through Avail. The courses are easy to use, interactive which has helped me retain the information and have given me the knowledge to provide better care. I also now feel ready to progress in my career”

– Sarah Morris, Care Worker at Blue Bird

What Courses Will I Discover In The Avail Learning Academy?

Access a range of courses across Adult Health & Social Care, as
well as Early Years settings.

Fire Safety

Infection control awareness

Moving and
Handling of People

Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard

Introduction to Safeguarding Adults in the Care Sector

Communication and Handling Information in Adult Care

Food Allergy Awareness

Communication and Handling Information In Early Years

Safer Recruitment in Early Years

What Courses Will Best Serve Your Team’s Needs?

Choose One of the Options Below and We’ll Help to Direct You

Learning online with Avail


At Avail, we help management teams in the care sector to create a well-led, motivated, and highly-skilled workforce by providing cost-effective, flexible e-learning solutions.

We’ve been responsible for the training and development for the UK’s largest care provider, ensuring the compliance of over 15,000 staff across 300 settings nationally, resulting in 97% of all settings rated good or outstanding.

By providing courses that are aligned to legislative and regulatory requirements and drive quality, we’re able to help care providers across the UK build workforces that truly make a difference to those who need quality care and support.

We’ll Help You Build a Fully-Competent, Fully Confident, & Fully Compliant Care Workforce

To discover how the Avail Learning Academy could help your team to provide an outstanding care service to your children, clients, and everyone you care for simply use the buttons below to let us know where to direct you.